October 3, 2008, 8:17 pm
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Ovechkin’s feeling lonely?


In 2006, Ovechkin was featured in a Russian TV show, something similar to MTV. The purpose of the show was to help Ovechkin find a Russian girlfriend. Ovechkin said that he had trouble finding a soulmate in the US.

So in the show, Ovechkin showed off his 2 millions dollar house, luxury cars, stunning body and of course, his fancy boxers.

At the end of the tv show, Ovechking gave his russian phone number but there was missing two digits.

Hope you enjoy. It’s in russian, but there’s english subtitles.

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“they say hello, i say hey, next thing you know they say rape.” LOL qui lui a dit ça?
no more than ten kids? c’est un peu beaucoup là, mais c’est pas comme si y pouvait pas payer le child support D:

Comment by Falina

plz give me a break it is SOOO fake come on alexander ovechkin have a cell phone number

ugh you make me sick

Comment by jessica

can you plese tell me your phone number Im you biggest fan when you scored that goal against monteal that was awsom

Comment by Javin

yeah it was pretty awesome kid

Comment by Alexander Ovechkin

your the best call me 859 3367

Comment by Javin

hey ovechkin please email me back im a huge fan

Comment by ryan schmidt

ovechkin please email me back im a huge fan.

Comment by ryan schmidt

heyy im am a huge fan i had just got your video and it was awsome my class hates u but im the only one who bleves that u are the best there is well anyway if u wana talk email me :] good luck at your next game

Comment by jordan

ovechkin you are my fucking hero man you are the best you always will be man and russia fuckin rocks bro russia won the gold yes!!!

Comment by dakota pual

Are you people leaving these comments really this FUCKING stupid?

Comment by George

Alex Ovechkin you are my favorite hockey player from the Washington Capitals and I love you. So can you please send me your cellphone number so that we can talk to eachother over the phone and we can set up a day about when we can see eachother.

Comment by Vicky

Hello Alex Ovechkin you are my most wonderful hockey player and I haven’t gotten my jersey signed by you yet so when can you do that for me please let me know and please email me back I miss you and I love you and I also want to try sushi with you some day.

Comment by Vicky

Dear comment+e60bjzk-lj4b6_u49j3o_xbnex9pbc5w9383mzk7e@comment.wordpress.com,

Hello I have a question why is Alex Ovechkin my guy married behind my back even though I love him?

Yours truly,

Vicky Adams

Comment by vnadams00@aol.com

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