June 21, 2008, 12:29 am
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Improv Everywhere, Rob’s Baseball Stunt!


Lately, I’ve spending a lot of time browsing on the web and I just discovered this really cool website. The website is: http://improveverywhere.com. I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys heard about this crew, but I still feel like sharing my joy of discovering what they do to make this world a bit more fun and awkward. Here’s a description of what they do (taken from their About Us Page)

<<improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. Created in August of 2001 by Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere has executed over 70 missions involving thousands of undercover agents. The group is based in New York City.>>

Since my blog is sports related, I’ve decided to present to you the stunt they did at the Yankees Stadium. Really funny, it’s worth reading it.

Here’s the full story:


I bet you a free hug that you will read more than one mission that they’ve accomplished.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, but the Yankees will have a new Stadium next year. So if you haven’t been there, this year is your last chance. If you’re in New York, make sure to drop by there.


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will in montreal the fun is at 1820 rosemont #14

Comment by g,roberge 1250 bellechasse#1

gayney told me ,when the zamboni will be replace by a BOMBARDIER PRODUCT

Comment by g.roberge

gayney TOLd me,that when the samboni will disapere there will be hockey at the bell center not before

Comment by g,roberge 1250 bellechasse#1

italienne a montreal et a ottawa

les policiers de montreal payent pour l,embassade

Comment by g,roberge 1250 bellechasse#1

le maire de montreal vas etre desapointer car j,ai comander de bombardier des machines a LECHER les glaces dans tout les arenas de montreal,

Comment by g,roberge 1250 bellechasse#1

tremblay n,endure pas des choses ,CROCHES HA HA HA

enfreint la loi du monopole aux u.s.a.et mr le maire

le maire aime bien enrichir les wops mais zamboni

Comment by g,roberge 1250 bellechasse#1

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