April 7, 2008, 11:41 pm
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My 1st round pick!

by Fragiadakis

NHL Playoffs predictions: 1st round


Boston(8) vs Montreal(1)

It will be the 31st time these two teams meet in the playoffs. The Habs have largely dominated the series winning more than 75% of them. More again, the Habs have won 23 of the 30 last meetings against the Bruins. Of course, there is 10 players who play for Montreal that never played a single game in the playoffs, but there is absolutely no way the Bruins can compete against us. Carey Price will be a key in these series and I just can’t detect any mental weaknesses in the goaltender so I believe he will do just fine. Sure the Bruins will be motivated by the return of their aces Marc Savard and Patrice Bergeron so I will say Habs in 5.


Ottawa(7) vs Pittsburgh(2)

The Sens will miss Daniel Alfredsson for at least the 3 or 4 first games of the series. Fisher will also be out. The Pens have so many weapons offensively that they will be hard to stop but if Marc-Andre Fleury isn’t spectacular like he was for the last part of this season, the Pens could be surprised because they have a very weak defence. Crosby and his bunch should go through the Sens but I have to believe the experience of Ottawa will push the young Penguins to the limit. Pens in 7.

Philadelphia(6) vs Washington(3)

The Washington Capitals are one of the hottest if not the hottest team in the East. The Flyers, after losing 9 out of 10 games, finished the year with a 7-2-1 record in their last 10 games. The both have a good momentum which should give us one of the best series in the East but I believe the absence of Simon Gagne who is the undisputed leader of that team will play a huge factor in the Washington win. Washington in 6.

New York(5) vs New Jersey(4)

The Rangers won 7 of the 8 games opposing these teams this season. The Devils have managed to score only 9 goals in these eight games. Unless Brodeur plays his best hockey ever…which is kind of impossible since he has one of the worst team he has ever had in front of him, the Rangers should win this series easily. I expect to see Drury and Gomez at their best which will give a certain boost to the Rangers. New York in 5.


Nashville(8) vs Detroit(1)

I am very pissed off that the Nashville Predators took the Vancouver Canucks spot in the last few games of the season. Vancouver had to play their last 10 games against their division which is without a doubt the strongest in the NHL whereas the Preds played their last stretch of games against Chicago, Columbus, and St-Louis. REALLY UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!! Detroit is much better and will win in 4.

Calgary(7) vs San Jose(2)

The San Jose Sharks are without a doubt the hottest team in the NHL. They have only lost 2 of their last 20 games…and believe me they lost these games because they meant nothing to them. I just can’t see how the Flames could overplay the Sharks. If the Flames want to win, Kipper will need to be at his best and Iginla, Tanguay, Huselius will have to dominate the game. I believe the Sharks have had their lessons in the past and will eliminate the Flames in 5.

Colorado(6) vs Minnesota(3)

Here is my upset special!!! I believe with the return of Adam Foote and Peter Forsberg(if he stays healthy), the Avs are looking a little like the dominant team of 10 years ago. Theodore has a great history in the playoffs for the Habs where he won a 1st round series against the Bruins by himself and I am looking for a repeat. Probably the most interesting match up in the 1st round. I like the Avalanche in 6…or 7.

Dallas(5) vs Anahein(4)

The Ducks have a lot of experience in them. They are the defendant and I believe this will play a huge factor in this series. Turco has a history of choking in the playoffs and I just don’t see him doing better without his top defenseman(Zubov) missing at least the first week of the playoffs. The Ducks in 5



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I so disagree with Washington and Colorado. Are you drunk Fragi?

Comment by jtutah

nice pics, i think Ottawa will lose in 5 though cuz they are horrid.

p.s. gqhq

Comment by JOn

rangers in 5 terrible

Comment by connor

RE Jon: you might be right Jon but I believe the inexperience of Pittsburgh might cost them a couple of games in these series…+ the Sens have the experience of a final last year so I am still not convinced the Pens will walk away easily with the win.

RE Connor: Maybe Brodeur will be able to steal a game or two but I believe the Devils are too weak to compete vs the Rangers. It will be Brodeur vs Rangers…the Devils cannot score goals against Lundqvist and it will cost them…what s your call if you think Rangers in 5 is terrible???

Comment by Fragiadakis

Rangers in 6!! lol

Comment by Jimbo Nerdick

About sharks – flames… You say all these good things about the sharks and then say the flames in 5… ?

Comment by jack

ya actually if you read the entire segment on sharks-flames…you will see that I say…The Sharks shouldn’t have any problem disposing of the Flames in 5…uinfortunately my editor highlited the Flames in 5 part so it looks like I chose them…unfortunately for my prediction, it seems the Sharks’ big guns are once again sleeping in the playoffs…if you put aside the first 5 minutes of game 3…nevertheless, I am always rooting for canadian teams in the playoffs(except for the leafs) so I wouldnt mind being wrong on my prediction…plus the Flames are really proving that they are a playoff team

Comment by Fragiadakis

sorry for the editing problem

So now the Flames are winning and now you say you always support the Canadian.

tu changes de fusil d’épaule pas mal vite mon manwhore

Comment by jtutah

The logic thing to say was that the Sharks were going to win but my heart has always been with the Flames !!!!!!!!

Comment by Fragiadakis

so Connor…Rangers in 5…not so terrible after all!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Fragiadakis

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