April 1, 2008, 10:04 pm
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Alex Kovalev DVD review


I was so excited about the release of this DVD, especially after seing a few previews on youtube. Those previews were made to promote Warrior, the hockey stick company that Kovalev is supporting. Actually, he’s running this business with Sergei Federov and other investors. Well, I’m not 100% sure of that, but this is what I heard here and there. Anyway, check out www.warriorhockey.comto se some videos of Kovalev doing some pretty cool stuff on the ice.

Let’s get back to the DVD. The DVD 1 has 30 hockey drills and it’s amazing how good Kovalev is. I think every minor league coach should get this DVD and teach their players those drills. I wonder if Kovalev will change the way Quebec people play hockey. We’ll see in a few years. What’s pretty cool about the DVD is that Kovalev shows the drill, then explain when and how to use it in game situations and then shows some highlights of his career when that particular drill allowed him to score goals. Kovalev really made sure that the drilled  he showed had some game situation credibility.

The other main intresting part on this DVD package is the report made by a Russian company. The original report was made in Russian and is translated in English or French. That documentary shows what kind of person Kovalev and how respected he is in the hockey community. He is really dedicated to his sports and those so much for the community. Bye the way, did you know that Kovalev gives 500$ to L’Hopital Ste-Justine for every goal he scores? And I hope you all know that he pays for a corporate box at the Bell Centre for sick kids.

The off-ice exercises are pretty good too, espacially for the legs. Try it for a fews days in row and you will be sore my friends. Well maybe it’s me that’s a bit out of shape, anyway.

The making of is OK, but nothing spectacular about it and the presentation of the Gift of Life Foundation, is…well… a presentation of a foundation that’s help children with heart disease.

Finally, the DVD boxset contains a nice autographed poster of Kovalev, but I wish he would of worn a Habs jersey. No big deal what so ever. This DVD is defenitively worth his 16,95$. I saw it on sale at HMV for 14,99$ last week. Ho yeah, inside the box there was a little hockey card of Kovalev, he should of put a sticker of his ak27.com or something like that. Stickers are always a winner.

Here’s the link to buy his DVD: www.imavision.com


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I really love Alex Kovalev’s DVD

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I really love Alex Kovalev penis

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