February 29, 2008, 10:01 pm
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Interview with Joseph Whelan


After posting the story about his journey with the New York Giants family, i’ve decided to ask a few questions to Jospeh Whelan. Here they are:

JT UTAH: Do you know how many people heard about your story ?

JW:  I’m not really sure, several thousand. My story had over 55,000 views on www.deadspin.com over a two day period. I also did many local and national radio/talk shows that had millions of listeners/viewers so the story was making national news.

JT UTAH: Are you planning of selling a few of the items you got autograph on? You know, an Elli Manning signed by Manning must be worth a few dollars on eBay.

JW: I don’t plan to sell the items. I’m a huge fan and I also collect sports memorabilia so I will be adding these items to my collection. I have received many offers from people that want to buy the items but I am not interested in selling anything for personal benefit. My 30 year old sister recently passed away in a tragic accident, so if I was to sell anything, I might auction off the Gibril Wilson autographed game sweatshirt to raise money for her foundation. 

JT UTAH:  Did you get a lot of reply about your story? Like newspapers, tv show, radio, etc?

JW: I did interviews on the Fox 5 News (local), CBS News (local), NY Daily News, Sports Illustrated.com, ESPN local radio, The Stephen A Smith nationally broadcasted ESPN Radio show, Fox and Friends national morning news show. I also heard from Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America, David Letterman and many others but they couldn’t fit me into their schedules last week. 

JT UTAH: Are the members of the New York Giants are aware of your story?  

JW: They are, I have heard indirectly through forwarded emails and text messages from several of the players as well as the Mara family. They all love the story and think my experience was amazing. 

JT UTAH:  Do you have plans redoing the same thing at next’s year Super Bowl? You know, go to the parade, get a pass that makes you look important, wear a Giants shirt, etc!   

JW: I would love to but something tells me that security will be a little tighter next year due to my story.  

If you haven’t heard Whelan unbelievable story, follow this link:

JT UTAH would to give a big “thank you” to M. Joseph Whelan for taking the time to answer our questions. 


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