February 1, 2008, 11:32 pm
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Super Bowl XLII : 5 keys to a Giants win

by Manwhore

This Sunday, The New york Giants will try to be the first team to defeat Tom Brady in a Super Bowl. Brady has three appearances to the championship game, and he has won all of them. Since everyone believes the Pats will win by a large margin, I could give hundreds of reasons why the Pats will win. Instead, I have decided to give you sort of a guideline that the Giants will need to follow in order to contend in the big game. So there you go folks, here are the five keys to a Giants win.

1. Pressure on Brady
Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora absolutely need to limit Tom Brady’s time on every down. With all the experience he’s got in big games, Brady isn’t the type of QB that will make unforced errors. The Giants D-Line will need to create these mistakes by forcing him to make throws he doesn’t want to make. With his bad ankle, Brady should be in shotgun for most of his passes which will give a good hint and perhaps a step ahead to New York’s defence. I believe this is the most important aspect of Sunday’s game, without pressure on Brady the Giants CANNOT WIN!!

2. Manning needs to be perfect
Eli is playing his best football ever these past few weeks. Last week, he simply outplayed one of the greatest ever(Brett Favre) to earn a spot in the super bowl. This weekend, he will need to be even better to give his team a chance to win. The Pats DB’s are simply to good and too well prepared for him to make rookies mistake. They will eat him alive if that is the case. He seemed to be in total control of his emotions for the last two games but now it is different, it is the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for him, if we look at the most recents Super Bowls, we can see that almost all the young QB’s didn’t handle the pressure too well. Grossman was horrible last year, Roethlisberger, even if his team won, will tell you that he might have played one of his worst game ever in Super Bowl XL. Recently, the only young QB that has been doing well is the one Eli will face this weekend. Not an easy task since Brady will be at his forth appearance to the show. Even if football is a team sports, we all know that QB’s can win or ruin the game!!!!

3. Special teams efficient
Last week, it took three tries for Lawrence Tynes to win the game for his team. Trust me he will not have three tries against the Pats. He needs to jump on every opportunity he has to put his team on the scorebord because every point is crucial in a big game like that. A missed field goal demoralises the whole team and sometimes forces the offence to go for it on a fourth down because everybody lost confidence on the kicker. Tynes cannot let this happen this weekend because going for it on 4th and lonh usually means turnover which is also crucial in every football game. The game will be in a dome so he has absolutely no excuses, the ex Ottawa Renegades must be perfect to give his Giants a chance to win.

4. Moss cannot beat you with a big play
It is unbelievable how much a long pass for a touchdown can change the entire course of a football game. Without a doubt, Moss will get some catches and some first down but if you are Madison, Butler, or any of the other DB’s , you CANNOT let him burn you and run to the end zone . Give him 5 even 10 yards of room if you need to but don’t let him over run you because you re in trouble. The only problem with focusing on Moss is that you will tend to forget guys like Welker and Gaffney and these guys can absolutely destroy your defence by themselves like they have done all season long. If Moss scores a long touchdown early in the game, my money is on the Pats.

5. Ball possession
We all know that the Patriots will score some points…and probably a lot of them. So, what is the best way to limit their scoring??? That’s easy, keep the Brady bunch on the bench!!!! This is where Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw become crucial to this game. At all time in the game, they will need to come up with big runs that will keep the drive going for the Giants, the time running on the clock, but most importantly the best offence ever statistically on their asses. By doing so, The Giants will take away any momentum that the Pats will try to build because once they are going, well…nobody really stopped them so far!!!!!!!!

In conclusion, I strongly believe that if the Giants can accomplish ALL of these steps, they have a really good chance of winning the game. Even if I will be rooting for them, my prediction is New England 34 New York 21. I just can see the Giants over playing a very well prepared team that are trying to be the first 19-0 team ever….there you go boys and girls enjoy the big game and let me know what you think about that!!!!!!!!!!!


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I hope you at least put at little 20$ on the giants

Comment by JP

The giants have this game in the bag. Eli is the best and sexiest quarterback ever!!!!!!! GO GIANTS!!! GIANTS KICK ASS

Comment by lauren p

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